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We offer Night Vision Goggles Image Intensifier Monocular, tactical Infrared Binocular Night Vision,ODM Helmet Mounted Gen 3 Night Vision Scope Goggles Monocular for Hunting Telescope, Visionking Military Handheld Helmet Night Vision Monocular Goggles (NH8X), Military Handheld Helmet Night Vision Monocular Goggle . Cost Military Night Vision Monocular Goggles in Dar Es Salam, Mombasa, Maputo, Djibouti, Walvis Bay, Durban, Tema, Lagos, Libreville, Jebel Ali, Canada, USA, Japan, UK
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Description Military Night Vision Monocular Goggles

New farm machinery
NEW Military Handheld Helmet Night Vision Monocular Goggles CXXM

The CXXM Multifunction night vision series is a new product developed based on the latest electronic technology.
The night vision series uses a high performance image intensifier. they has excellent performance, small size, light weight, clear imaging and simple operation. High cost performance. The magnification factor can be changed by replacing the objective lens (or connecting magnifying lenses).
The product can be connected to digital cameras, cameras and video cameras(built-in partition), with the gun aiming fixture can be used for hanging guns or for individual use.
The night vision instrument is equipped with an infrared auxiliary light source and an automatic anti glare protection system.
The product has strong practicability and can be applied to military observation, coastal defense reconnaissance, public security surveillance, forensics, customs anti-smuggling, etc. in no illumination environment at night. It is an ideal equipment for the public security department, armed police force, special police force, and guard patrol.
Image Intensifier Tube - Generation2+ or Europe Generation3 , power supply with built-in bright flash protection (with automatic brightness gain regulation).
MHB is portable and multifunctional night vision monocular with high resolution,small in size,light in weight .
Magnification can be changed by replacing different objective lens, 1x , 3x 5x and 7x are available.It also can be mounted on the rifle compatible with red dot sights as night scope for fast aiming.
It can be equipped with digital camera, video recorder,CCD video camera and use Russian super Gen 2+ or gen3 sophisticated Image Intensifier Tube with Anti-glare,function and built-in IR Illuminator,and it can be widely used for military observation,sea defence,frontier reconnaissance,surveillance, suppress smuggling,drugs and traffickers seizure,security check ect,and also can be used in other low light condition.

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Police / Law enforcement / Military
Night surveillance / sea defence
Patrol / Rescue / Search
Advantages Night Vision Monocular Goggles CXXM:
Small in size, compact rugged Goggle system
Multi-purpose: Hand-held, head-mounted or helmet mounted
Comfortable, flip-up headgear,reliable and
Multi-coated all-glass optics,superior resolution
Wide angle infrared illuminator,long range viewing
Optional 3x, 5x and 7x lenses available
Waterproof Weather and fog resistant
Limited one-Year Warranty

High Light night vision monocular goggles
Helmet night vision monocular
Army night vision monocular goggles

Ambient conditions
  • Operating Temperature Range, С +-50
  • Relative Humidity at С 98%
  • Shock resistance 5g
  • Water, weather and dust resistance IP65
  • Dimensions: 122x42x62 mm
  • Operating mode switch and batteries compartment cover are easy to use even when operating in gloves.
  • Angle of IR illumination totally assures a field of view (controlled under assembling).
  • Monocular are performed as corrosion-proof.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • «IR-on» indicator.
  • Brightness source protection
  • Auto shut off systems
  • Possible mounting on a right/left side.

Standard set
  • Night Vision Monocular Goggles
  • Mask
  • Allows hands-free operation. High safety of mounting blocks and adjusting mechanisms.
  • Carrying Case or hard case ( optional)
  • Wrist strap
  • Lens cleaning
  • Manual

Accessories (Optional)
  • 3-х and 5-x magnifier lens
  • Easy and handful lens changing process at conducting viewing operations/ in field conditions.
  • 3-х afocal telescope
  • Easily mounts to the objective lens. Provides 3x magnification
  • Arms mounting adapter

The specification of the Military Night Vision Monocular Goggles

Style Hand-Held, Head-Mounted Or Helmet Mounted
Kind Image Intensifier Night Vision
Shell Material Metal
Specification 122x42x62 Mm
Structure Monocular
Operation Principle Low-light Night Vision
Transport Package 5PCS Per Carton; Carton Size: 94.5x45x36.5cm
Battery life: about. 50 hours
Temperature range(C):-40/+50
Waterproof: IP65(IP67 optional)
IT 2+/Euro Gen3
Magnification 1
Angular field of view, degree 40 -+ 2
Focus range, m 0,25
Diopter Adjustment -+ 5
Resolution, lp/mm min- max 48-58 / 57-64
Auto-off under 40 Lux yes
Auto-on under 10 Lux yes
Auto-off when mount be Flip-flop yes
Auto-on when mount be flip-down yes
Supply voltage, V (1 Lithium CR123 batteries or AA) 1.2-3
Active performance period without IR illumination, min, hours 40
Active performance period with IR illumination, min, hours 20
Output pupil diameter, mm 20
Output pupil relief, mm 25
Monocular weight, g 300
Mask weight, no more, g 180
Bag weight, g 250
Operating resource, hours 10000

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Manufactured by: CXXM
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Category: Night vision devices
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
The price: P.O.A.
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